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Skema Pengontrol Suhu Mesin Penetas Telor Dengan AT89C2051

13 April 2011
Temperature Controller With Egg incubators AT89C2051 is a device used to control the room temperature egg incubators. The temperature at the incubator eggs will be monitored continuously by means of temperature control incubator Egg With this AT89C2051 based on temperature settings specified by the user. Temperature Control Equipment incubator Egg With this AT89C2051 monitor the room temperature egg hatching with the adde resolution of 0.1 ° C using a LM35 temperature sensor and display with 7 segment viewer. Heaters are used in egg incubators in the control by means of “Temperature Controller With Egg incubators AT89C2051” uses incandescent lamp is controlled using a triac. In this article presented the block diagram to make the tool “Temperature Controller With Egg incubators AT89C2051” and a brief explanation of the process undertaken Temperature Controller device incubator Egg With this AT89C2051.
Skema Pengontrol Suhu Mesin Penetas Telor Dengan AT89C2051

Block Diagram of Temperature Controller With Egg incubators AT89C2051. Broadly speaking, the working principles of equipment from the block diagram described above is as follows:

LM35 temperature sensor will change the temperature scale into a voltage proportional to the temperature detected by 10mV/oC value. Then the voltage converted from the temperature sensor dubah become part of the frequency by voltage to frequency converter RC4151 with output frequency is 1000 x Vin. In part this frequency converter output voltage to the Schmitt trigger is passed on before they read by the microcontroller, it aims to improve the output of the converter in a digital pulse level. Keypad consists of three buttons is the SET button / OK, UP and DOWN. Keypad functions to deliver value setting the temperature limit means egg hatching at the desired temperature.

At the time the system starts the microcontroller reads the voltage frequency conversion results are comparable with the temperature read by the sensor. Microcontroller then compares these data with the frequency setting data, because data has not been loaded settings via the keypad, the microcontroller mengidentifkasikannya by setting 0 ° C so that the heater is not turned karen data of temperature readings greater than the setting data. Data readings are always displayed in units of temperature with a resolution of 0.1 oC oC. when the data of temperature readings is smaller than the data heater setting is enabled. Section zero crossing detector serves to medeteksi crosses 0 volts PLN nets that are used to initiate triac to activate the heating element in the form of incandescent lamp.

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