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Rangkaian Pengisi Baterai 6V

13 April 2011
Rangkaian Automatic Lead Acid Battery ChargerRangkaian Pengisi Baterai 6V
Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger or more delicious called wet battery charger that automatically. This circuit can charge wet batteries and fully charge it after a series of “Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger” will cut off charging current automatically. Automatic circuit Lead Acid Battery Charger is Relay as the current breaker. Automatic circuit Lead Acid Battery Charger can be used to fill the 12-volt batteries and 6 volt, depending on the setting of reference points and the election. Reading of the peak voltage (full charge) using a comparator which is on the IC NE555. Starter switch circuit has a charging that serves to initiate the process of charging the batteries.

Automatic circuit Lead Acid Battery Charger. Automatic circuit Lead Acid Battery Charger using Power Charge on a NPN transistor and limiting charging current A671 is R 27 Ohm. Voltage reference marker position of full charge is set with 2 pieces of variable resistor 22K and his election to the selector switch. The point of the selected switch is set to 14 Volts for Accu 12 Volt and 7.5 Volt to 6 volt batteries.

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