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Komponen Strain Gauge

13 April 2011

Komponen Strain Gauge

Strain gauges are electronic components that serves to measure the pressure or weight. “Strain Gauge”was first discovered by Edward E. Simmons in 1983 in the form of metal foil that is insulif (isolation) attached to the body weight pressure to be measured. In principle, if the strain gauge given the pressure of the electrical resistance strain gauge will change because the process of deformation in the strain gauge the magnitude of change in electrical resistance will be followed received esarnya changes in pressure strain gauge.

Figure illustration strain gauge

strain gauge, pressure sensors, load sensors

Value change in resistance in strain gauge pressure changes are not significant, so in order to provide electrical changes in the value of the change in resistance of strain gauge is incorporated into the Wheatstone bridge circuit as shown below.

The amount received by the strain gauge pressure expressed in terms of gauge factor, GF which is defined as follows.
Komponen Strain Gauge

formula strain gauge, strain gauge, Where RG is the resistance before the strain gauge or pressure given before any deformation, AR is the change in electrical resistance that occurs and e is the pressure.

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