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Rangkaian Aplikasi DAC Untuk Audio With 24bit 96 kHz D/A Converter PCM1704

7 April 2011

With 24bit Audio DAC for 96 kHz D / A Converter PCM1704, PCM1704 DAC is a DAC with 24-bit digitaltoanalog converter for audio systems with the demands of high performance da yg complex dynamics. It features an ultralow distortion and excellent signal lowlevel performance or simply a high sensitivity of the PCM1704 ideal DAC is used in high end audio systems and professional audio systems. When used with other digital systems, PCM1704 DAC suport 8X oversampling at 96kHz. PCM1704 DAC made ​​with technology and BiCMOS architecture that can menghilankan interference or noise that occurs because not liniesrnya system. PCM1704 DAC designed specifically to suppress the difference in linearity and Strengthening the disability factor. In the application of high-end audio DAC system is capable of eliminating disability PCM1704 audio signals and suppress distortion and noise. Features Of With 24bit Audio DAC for 96 kHz D / A Converter PCM1704

* Sampling Frequency (Fs): 16khz To 96kHz
* At 96kHz 8X Oversampling
* Input Audio Data Word: 20 , 24Bit
* High Performance:
o Dynamic Range: K Grade = 112db typ
o Snr: 120db typ
o THD + N: K Grade = 0.0008% typ
* Fast Output Current: ± 1.2ma/200ns
* GlitchFree Output
* PinProgrammable Data Inversion
* Power Supply: ± 5v
* So Small 20-Lead Package

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