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DAC Type Binary Weigh Resistor

7 April 2011

Introduction DAC Digital To Analog Coneverter

Digital To Analog circuit can be built easily using the given opamp input by setting switches that represent the digital scale. Berlogic value 1 if the switch is connected to supply 5 volts and logic 0 when connected with ground / removed. Basic Series Digital To Analog (DAC), there are 2 types:

DAC Type Binary Weigh In DAC Type Resistors Resistor Weight Binary, installation of the resistors on the inputs Do, D1, D2, is as follows: R value in D1 is ½ of the value that is in Do, the value of R that is in D2 is ½ of the value in D1 (or 1 / 4 of R that is in D0) and seterusnya.Pemasangan R value as it is to mendapatkanVoutyang linear (kenaikanper stepnyatetap). Rin sought to make parallel resistor values there are at each input (D), if the input is masuklebih than one. In DAC R2R Ladder Type Installation of the value of resistors on the inputs it is the R2R, so that the value of R = 10k, it was installed 20 k.Pemasangan 2R resistor value is as it is to get out a linear V (increase per his step-fixed).

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